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רונן הרישלר קריין ומנחה טקסים


Ronen Hirshler is known for his breadth of experience in narration and hosting programs.
Ronen has been working in communications since 1994 and until recently led the flagship program of  Radio Darom “Good Morning South” as senior anchor of the station's current-affairs desk. 
Over the years, he presented many radio programs, among them on radio station “Kol Israel” (the Voice of Israel), “Radio Lelo Hafsaka” (Non-Stop Radio) and “Radio Darom” (Radio South).  
He also edited and presented news bulletins on radio and television on Channel-10.   
Ronen has expertise in all areas of professional narration including presenting news, advertisements and commercials, promotional videos, jingles, radio and television programs, electioneering, telephone answering systems (IVR) and more.
In addition, Ronen moderates events, conferences and official ceremonies. 
For Private customers or businesses, Ronen provides fast, high quality and personalized solutions and gives the necessary and appropriate professional response to each client by analyzing and understanding their needs.
call me: +972-542223338
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